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The Enbloc Capsulectomy Expert for Breast Implant Illness

Breast implant illness affects thousands of women, regardless to age, activity level, or other general health identity.  As the world's leading expert on Enbloc Capsulectomy and Breast Restoration, Dr. DeWolfe has performed 1000's of procedures -- becoming the champion for eradicating implant illness, and raising increased awareness of the potential and absolute risks involved with breast surgeries.

Comprehensive surgical care is critical for the resolution of symptoms associated with implant related diseases.  Dr. DeWolfe’s care, compassion, and counsel has helped change lives for those suffering from breast implant illness as well as prevent others from making potentially life-altering, detrimental choices.  Known universally as 'The Enbloc Doc', Dr. DeWolfe promises one thing: “No capsule left behind. Ever.” 

frequently asked questions

1. What Is Breast Implant Illness?

As with any foreign object, the body may react strongly to breast implants. This reaction may manifest itself as pain, fatigue, skin changes, mental changes, autoimmune diseases and many other symptoms. These symptoms can be present even without laboratory abnormalities. Also, symptoms may develop relatively early on after breast implant placement or delayed many years after implant-based surgery. 

2. How long is the consultation with Dr. DeWolfe?

Consultations are comprehensive and will typically last 30-45 minutes. There will be an option to view before and after pictures if desired.

3. Is there a fee for enbloc capsulectomy consultations?

When using your medical insurance enbloc capsulectomy consultations will be billed per your policy.  Dr. DeWolfe does not charge a fee for cosmetic enbloc capsulectomy consultations.

4. How will you know that the entire capsule has been removed?

Dr. DeWolfe will take videos and photos demonstrating the 100% removal of all capsules in an enbloc fashion. Dr. DeWolfe guarantees a complete enbloc capsulectomy for every patient.

5. What is an enbloc capsulectomy?

It is the complete removal of an intact capsule with the implant inside the capsule.

6. Has Dr. DeWolfe ever left part of the capsule inside a patient?


7. How many enbloc capsulectomies has Dr. DeWolfe performed?

Dr. DeWolfe has performed well over 1,000 enbloc capsulectomies.  He typically performs 2-3 per week.

8. Will my implants be returned?

Yes, if you would like to keep your implants they will be returned to you after surgery.

9. Do I need a breast lift?

Dr. DeWolfe will make recommendations to ensure the best cosmetic outcome. Because implants often stretch the breast skin, failure to perform a lift may result in a cosmetic deformity. However, the decision to have a lift is solely the choice of the patient.  Dr. DeWolfe is an expert in post enbloc capsulectomy breast lift surgery.  Auto-augmentation conserves one's own breast tissue to improve breast shape without the use of an implant.  The ability to restore the breast shape and provide a foundation to the nipple is critical to ensure a beautiful breast result.  Dr. DeWolfe has performed this surgery safely at the time of enbloc capsulectomy hundreds of times. 

10. Does Dr. DeWolfe perform fat grafting?

Yes, however fat grafting has its own set of risks. Dr. DeWolfe will go over these risks during your consultation on a case by case basis.

11. Will my capsules be sent to pathology?

Sending the removed capsules to pathology is an option for all patients if desired. It has been our experience that when the capsules are clinically normal (i.e. no fluid, no double capsule, no nodularity) then the likelihood of having an abnormal finding by pathology is very low.  When this is the case, most patients elect to not send the capsules to pathology. If you specifically request the capsule to be sent to pathology regardless of exam Dr. DeWolfe will send the capsules for analysis. The pathologists Dr. DeWolfe uses are very accomplished and competent in diagnosing all capsule-related disease processes, including BIA-ALCL.  Additional fees may be required for pathology services and will be discussed at your consultation.

12. Will my symptoms improve?

In our experience, a vast majority of women demonstrate a significant improvement of symptoms following an enbloc capsulectomy. The degree of response is very individual. The most important factor in symptom relief is to have a true enbloc capsulectomy performed. 

13. Will you have drains?

Yes, drains are placed in all enbloc capsulectomy cases to avoid post operative complications. The drains usually will remain in place for 1-2 weeks following your surgery.

14. Does Dr. DeWolfe take insurance?

Yes, Dr. DeWolfe accepts most medical insurances. However, because breast implant illness is not formally recognized as a diagnosis by most insurance companies coverage is often difficult.  While some patients have been approved for a medically covered enbloc capsulectomy but it is not routine. We will work diligently with you to help you understand the financial implication while working with you through the approval process. 

15. Are there financing options?

Yes, we accept CareCredit as a financing option.

16. Where is the surgery performed?

Dr. DeWolfe currently performs all surgery in a hospital setting. He believes a hospital, rather than a surgery center, affords our patients the very best care with a priority on safety.

17. How long is the recovery?

Recovery is very individual, but most patients recover from surgery in 2-4 weeks. Resumption of all activities is permitted at 6 weeks, including exercise and swimming.  As with any operation healing is gradual and some patients may benefit from physical therapy to expedite recovery. 

18. What are the risks of surgery?

Dr. DeWolfe’s surgical techniques help to minimize all surgical risks.  However, the risks of enbloc capsulectomy include:
Bleeding; Seroma Formation; Changes in Nipple Sensation/Nipple Loss; Poor Scarring; Breast Asymmetry; Pneumothorax

19. What is a nerve block and will I get one?

A nerve block is the injection of a long-acting anesthetic administered under ultrasound. The pain relief often lasts for the first 24 hours.  Nerve blocks are available to our patients and recommended. 

20. Is a muscle repair performed?

Dr. DeWolfe performs a pectoralis muscle repair to restore the anatomy of the chest wall in all patients.

21. When do I follow up after surgery?

Patients are typically seen one week after surgery.  Most drains are removed in 7-14 days. Subsequent follow up will occur at 2 months and 6 months to ensure a successful recovery.  Virtual visits are also available for convenience.

22. How do I treat my incisions?

Incisions should be left to heal on their own for the first 2-3 weeks after surgery.  Once the surgical tapes are removed, massage with natural products is recommended to optimize scar formation.  Scar massage should be performed 2-3 times daily for 5 minutes and for approximately 4-6 months after surgery.  Scars will go through many changes during the first year following surgery.  If desired, laser therapy and microneedling treatments are available to optimize scar appearance.  

23. When is Dr. DeWolfe available for consultation?

Dr. DeWolfe provides consultations for enbloc capsulectomy at two convenient locations.  He also provides virtual consultations when desired.
Oakbrook Terrace: Mondays & Thursdays
Chicago: Mondays & every other Saturday & Sunday

Dr. DeWolfe and staff take pride in the support of our courageous patients and we appreciate the endorsement of our past patients.  Please Note: Dr. DeWolfe is not affiliated with any other persons, Facebook pages, or sites external to this website. 



Dr. DeWolfe and his dedicated EMD team of professionals have performed hundreds of surgical and non-surgical procedures offering incredible and profound results.

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A Million Times

Nine years of pain gone in less than 6 weeks thanks to this amazing place. Not only is Dr. DeWolfe kind, he's funny and listens! He answered all my questions no matter how many times he must've answered the same ones.

His staff is also so amazing and friendly, and they always kept me posted. Highly recommend him to anyone needing a breast reduction! I went from a 32DDD to a 32C and I am so happy.

Sun Damage
is Gone.

I want to give a shout out to Elevare! They've helped me to regain my confidence. After years under the sun, brown spots dotted my face and at 58, wrinkles deepened every time I smiled. I tried expensive creams, and fraxel laser, and while that worked for about 3 months, my spots actually came back darker.

As an Asian, our skin needs are a bit different. After two years, my spots are gone and wrinkles have softened considerably!

Botox was the
Best Experience.

I went in for a Botox consultation and talked through everything with Kelly. She was so nice and explained in detail how everything works. I decided to get it done and am so happy with the results

She did Botox around my eyes and under the brow. It got rid of the worst of my crows feet and also lifted my brows a bit which made my eyelids appear more even. The entire appointment was very quick as well, but I never felt rushed.